what do bed bugs look like

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? Here’s What to Look For

What do bed bugs look like, and what are the best ways to handle these pests? If you know what a bed bug is, you have probably experienced a few of the nasty issues they bring, including itchy bites and messy droppings. The United States has unfortunately seen a gradual increase in these tiny pests that infest the most comfortable spots in your home, and Majestic Pest Control is an excellent solution.

Bed Bugs: The Three Stages

Bed bugs’ nearly microscopic size makes them difficult to spot, but eradicating them is even more of a challenge once the eggs start to multiply. People typically notice bed bug bites before the insect because they feed on human blood, often in groups, leading to multiple bites and increased irritation. If you are suddenly itchy and covered in red bites, you may want to search your bed and other areas for pesky intruders.

There are three stages in the bed bug life cycle, including eggs, nymphs, and adult bed bugs:

Adult Bed Bugs

When fully grown, a bed bug can reach 5 mm in length. They are typically brown or orange with a flat shell. Similar to ticks, a bed bug that has recently fed will have a rounder body shape. 

Bedbugs enjoy feeding on human blood like ticks do, but they do not spread diseases. These bits are itchy but harmless. However, the thought of bugs crawling over you while you sleep is typically enough to disrupt a good night’s rest.

Nymphs (Young Bed Bugs)

Unlike adult bed bugs, the nymphs are nearly invisible. The adults lay eggs in groups and move on without waiting for them to hatch. The nymph’s go through four phases: 

  • At first, their bodies are transparent. They are the size of a speck of dust but big enough to see with six black legs.
  • Their exterior turns brown through the next few phases, and they measure 2.5 mm in length following a meal.
  • Horizontal lines become visible on their bodies near the end of the cycle, and their color moves to a uniform tan.
  • Upon reaching adulthood, they are much easier to spot but typically no bigger than an apple seed. 

Nymphs still bite in clusters along the body, and the area tends to be itchy or irritated. 


Adult bed bugs lay eggs in groups, which also makes them easier to see. The eggs are white, oval-shaped, and no bigger than the tip of a pen. Bed bug eggs are also able to stick to vertical surfaces, which means they can be in more places than under your mattress. 

Common spots for egg clusters include: 

  • furniture
  • clothing
  • bags
  • corners
  • anywhere warm

If you spot a cluster of tiny white eggs in a warm area, call us immediately. Clearing eggs before they hatch is the best way to avoid the bed bugs’ bite and prevent infestation.

Here is more information from our pest control experts on how to check for bed bugs.

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