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Fruit Fly Treatment

Fruit flies get their name from their attraction to rotting fruit as it is one of their main sources of food.  This is also where they often lay their eggs but in a pinch they will use any organic matter that is decaying.  While fruit flies may not seem like that big of a problem, that isn’t the case.  You can find fruit flies in a wide variety of businesses from the restaurant industry, food production, grocery stores or even garden centers.  They will be anywhere that food or organic matter is present and decaying.

Fruit flies can be found around the trash, your drains, beer or soda cans, wet mops and buckets and of course around fruit and vegetables.  Eradicating fruit flies can seem like a never ending fight that is why you need to call in the professionals.  Majestic Pest Control can get rid of and keep fruit flies from your business. 

Fruit Fly Infestations

Most often you don’t notice an infestation until you start seeing the fruit flies themselves.  However, once you see an adult fruit fly, even if there are only a couple of them you can bet that there are larvae nearby that are ready to hatch.  Most of the time you will have problems with fruit flies in the warmer months but under the right circumstances you can find them all year long.  Typically they come into your business on the produce that you buy or get delivered.  That is another reason it is so important to wash your food before you eat it. 

Majestic Pest Control has been helping businesses around the Greater NYC & Long Island areas stay free of fruit flies for years, so let us help you!

How We Eliminate Fruit Flies


We have insecticides that will work effectively on both adult fruit flies along with the larvae.  Regular treatment is effective.


There are light traps available that will attract fruit flies without harming staff, patrons or food on your premises. 


Our baits use either fruit fly pheromones or sugar to lure fruit flies into traps to kill the adults. 

Fruit Fly Facts

  • Female fruit flies can lay 30 – 50 eggs each and every day of her life cycle. 
  • Fruit flies are often used to test new medications.
  • Fruit flies have a short life span of only 10-12 days.
Fruit Fly Facts

Fruit Fly Treatment Benefits

While fruit flies aren’t as dangerous as some other insects they can still cause problems. 

We can help rid your premises of unsightly fruit flies immediately. 

We have developed specialized services just for restaurant and food service establishments. 

Client satisfaction is always our number one priority and we won’t quit until you are completely satisfied.  We stand by our work. 

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