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Spider Control​ Treatment

Spiders are considered a common invasive pest that can try to take over the darker and lesser-walked corners of any house, home, or place of business. Spider control can be challenging to achieve completely without a complete understanding of the species and behaviors of the spiders in and around a home or place of work. Call Majestic Pest Control today to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the local spider species that may affect your home and use our expert level experience in effective spider control to eradicate your spider problem.

Many spiders across North America are typically considered harmless and are simply unable to deliver a deadly bite to a human-sized body. Some home and business owners may know that most spiders can help reduce other aggravating insect pests like flies, mosquitos, and gnats. While both of these statements are true, that doesn’t mean that you want spiders lurking around your home or where you work.

Even if spiders can be harmless and helpful for natural pest control, these eight-legged web-spinners can still cause problems in other unexpected ways. Arachnophobia is a widespread fear for many people of all ages. This fear means that unknown and unwanted spider infestations can still cause unwanted stress for human home residents, paying customers, and any staff.

Please note that a few North American spider species can cause intense concern and worry. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders can deliver painful bites with enough toxin to cause hospital-worthy injury or even possible death. No matter what species of spider you have, the guidance of a professional will help rid your home of these invasive pests safely.

While most spiders are incapable of seriously hurting humans, you don’t want to take a gamble when you aren’t sure of the species. Especially when you are dealing with unknown species of spiders that have taken up residence in your home’s closets, hallways, garage, or shed. Majestic Pest Control can identify and remove the spiders in a safe way that keeps you and your home free of unwanted webbing.

How We Eliminate Spiders

Identify Spider Species

The first step is to identify the types of spiders that have taken up residence in and around your home or business. The numerous different species of spiders may exhibit various nesting and feeding behaviors based on their unique needs and capabilities. This factor means each spider species requires different approaches to create effective spider control in the regions they reside.

Identify and Block Spider Entrance Points

The second step is to identify the entry point or source of the spider infestation. This stage may include exterior preventative measures to block spider entry into your home or business. Some homes or businesses may need cracks and gaps sealed and filled to prevent future spiders from attempting to cohabitate with you in your home. During a spider infestation inspection, our team will also look for and remove or destroy spider egg sacs that might become a problem in the future.

Eradicate the Spiders

The third step is to eradicate the spiders from your home or business and keep them out for good. This step may rely on a combination of eco-friendly spider control sprays for the majority of the exterior or specific interior sections of the home, as well as targeted spider control chemical-based sprays to destroy hard-to-reach egg sacs. In combination with the above steps, this allows for complete spider control in your residence or place of business.

Spider Facts

  • Spiders scientifically classify as arachnids. Arachnids like spiders and scorpions are distinctly different from insects because arachnids feature eight legs and only two body sections. Insects, like ants, feature six legs and three body sections.
  • While insects can develop wings for flight, arachnids cannot fly — at least not in the same way that insects can. However, some arachnids like spiders can glide using pieces of their lightweight yet resilient spider-spun silk to travel on the wind. This type of spider air travel is typically only seen by younger spiders that have freshly hatched.
  • There are at least 35,000 species of spiders that are recognized worldwide. North America features about 3,000 of these known spider species in particular. Unfortunately, there are likely thousands of spider species yet to be discovered and named.
  • Although spiders have eight eyes, they are near-sighted creatures. They tend to depend on the vibrations in their webbing to know when food or enemies are nearby.
  • While some female spiders may be likely to eat their mate at any point during the mating process, the female spider can still end up producing around 3,000 eggs each time it completes the mating ritual. One well-hidden spider egg sac can provide the means for a more serious spider infestation in any home or business.

Spider Control Benefits

People often misunderstand spiders. They are creatures that give many “the heebie-jeebies,” but they can still present various challenges in your home and to your health.

Reduce Spider-Related Stress

Arachnophobia (or the severe fear of spiders) is one of the most common fears humans have across the globe. You, your loved ones, or your business staff may experience trauma from the simple sight of a spider lurking in a corner, no matter how harmless it might be in reality. Professional spider control helps remove all harmful and harmless species of spiders and allows everyone peace of mind.

Spiders Are Everywhere… Except

Spiders reside on all but one continent across the world. Your home doesn’t have to join the ranks of spider-friendly residences with the help of our experienced, expert spider control team. We can keep your home or business spider, cobweb, and egg sac free.

Personal and Environmental Health

We use eco and green-friendly sprays whenever possible to reduce strain on your family and pets as well as the surrounding environment. We strive for client satisfaction and safety, and we stand by our spider control methods. We won’t stop until we eliminate the spider infestation from your home or business.

Spider Treatment Benefits

An infestation of any kind of insect to your home cannot be ignored.  They pose a health hazard to your family and the very structure of your home. 

Protecting the environment is a priority and we will use green alternatives wherever we can.  

The health and safety of your family is always our highest priority.

We treat all of our clients’ homes like they were our very own and we will offer the most cost effective solution to your bed bug problems. 

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