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Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

In the last decade the number of homes and business that have reported problems with bed bug infestations have skyrocketed.  They have infested hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms and many private residences throughout the Long Island area.  Bed bugs are notoriously hard to kill and can live for up to a year without hosts.  Most pesticide treatments won’t kill the eggs so you’re locked into a perpetual cycle of killing the adults.  If you have noticed a problem then chances are it is bigger than you thought. 

Homeowners across the Greater NYC & Long Island Areas trust the Majestic Pest Control team to remove their bed bug infestations with safe and effective treatments.  We are committed to having the best trained staff to provide our clients with the latest treatments to remove their unwanted guests.  We have built a team who are highly trained in entomology.  They are carefully screened not just for their knowledge of pest control but for their excellent customer service skills.

Our service doesn’t stop with just eradicating your bed bug problem, we will provide you with information about the pests in your home, talk with you about the infestation and explain exactly how we plan to eradicate your pests.  We guarantee that our methods will be safe for you and your family.  Majestic Pest Control offers both traditional and heat treatments to eradicate your bed bugs.

How We Eliminate Bed Bugs

Customer Education

We are committed to educating our clients along with removing bed bugs.  We want to help prevent further infestations. 

Traditional Methods

We use a variety of chemical and non-chemical treatments to eradicate bed bugs from your home. 

Heat Method

Bed bugs cannot survive in high heat. We use a combination of heat to kill the bugs and a vacuum to extract them. 

Bed Bug Facts

  • Bed bugs can survive up to a year between feedings
  • Very few pesticides can kill bed bug eggs
  • An adult female will let 2-5 eggs every day for 6 months
  • Eggs hatch within 7-10 days
  • A newly hatched bed bug will be able to reproduce in as little as 4 weeks
  • Surfaces that have been chemically treated have little or no effect on bed bugs as they pass over them making them very hard to kill
  • Killing the eggs is the hardest part of getting rid of bed bugs
bed bugs

Bed Bug Treatment Benefits

An infestation of any kind of insect to your home cannot be ignored.  They pose a health hazard to your family and the very structure of your home. 

Protecting the environment is a priority and we will use green alternatives wherever we can.  

The health and safety of your family is always our highest priority.

We treat all of our clients’ homes like they were our very own and we will offer the most cost effective solution to your bed bug problems. 

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