how to check for bed bugs

Expert Tips For How to Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are experts at hiding, mainly because of their incredibly small, flat bodies. These insects are no bigger than an apple seed and can fit into most narrow cracks or crevices. If you notice itching red bites in groups on your body, knowing how to check for bed bugs is the first step in finding relief. 

How to Check for Bed Bugs at Home

Various pests bite, but bed bugs are one of the most common pests in American homes. These unwanted visitors have specific signs to look out for, and the detective work becomes easier once you know where to look.

Where to Look

Bed bugs earn their name from their favorite nesting spot, and they are drawn to most places that retain heat well. There are several other places in your home where bed bugs would gather, including:

  • Furniture: Many pieces of furniture are preferable as a nesting spot for these blood-sucking pests, including chairs, recliners, couches, and mattresses.
  • Closets: If your furniture has no signs of pests, check your closet next. Bed bugs lay eggs in clusters that can stick to nearly anything, even clothing. These eggs will hatch in your wardrobe unless you take immediate action. 
  • Carpets and corners: The baseboards of your home are another common hiding spot for live bed bugs, and carpets provide the warm environment they need to thrive. It is also a way to travel quickly around your home.

Common bed bugs are nearly microscopic and capable of hiding anywhere. Checking lamps, nightstands, curtains, and other seemingly insignificant areas in your house is the key to locating these pests. Bed bug extermination requires using chemicals directly on the pests, which is why knowing their exact location is essential. 

What do bed bugs look like? Here is more information from our pest control experts.

What to Look For

Bed bug bites are usually the first indication of a pest problem. Here is how to check for bed bugs by looking for obvious signs when searching your home: 

  • Blood spots are a common indication of a bed bug infestation. The spots are usually small and may seem like dirt at first glance on sheets, curtains, or clothes. 
  • Egg clusters are sticky and found nearly anywhere in the home. Bed bugs lay eggs in groups, making them easier to find. If you notice a small pile of sticky, white balls stuck to something in your home, you have probably come across a bed bug nest.
  • Adult bed bugs are big enough to see with brown, oval-shaped bodies that resemble an apple seed with legs. 

Call Reinforcements from Majestic Pest Control

If you’ve searched your home and found a few signs of these irritating pests, you most likely have bed bug problems. The team at Majestic Pest Control knows how to locate and kill bed bugs in a safe way for both you and your family. Don’t let the bed bugs bite—call in the professionals.

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