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What We Do

Rodent Control​ Treatment​

A rodent infestation isn’t a minor problem, in fact it can destroy your business.  Restaurants, catering or anyone in the food industry needs to be particularly careful since a rodent problem can have you shut down and devastate your reputation.  Rats and mice can be found in every community but Majestic Pest Control has been helping to keep them out of local businesses for years. 

Removing Rodents

Rats and mice need to be eliminated from your business premises in the quickest and most efficient way possible, that is why our team with use a combination of traps and baits.  We will make sure that all of our traps or baits that we use will be safe and effective for staff and customers alike.  Our pest control technicians will come by on a regular basis to check progress until all rodent are eliminated from the premises.


Our service includes helping you to prevent further rodents from coming back onto the property.  This can include things like making sure that all dumpsters and garbage cans are secured and picked up on a regular basis. You may also need to get regular landscaping done if you have weeds and tall grass around the premises. 

Why Choose Us

We understand just how much you don’t want to have to deal with rats or mice at your place of business.  We also respect your time and budget and that is why our team will always show up on time and ready to deal with your rodent problem.  We want to keep your business healthy and pest free. 

How We Eliminate Rodents

Find the Entrance Point

The first thing our team will do is find the entrance point. Rodent control starts with eliminating their access to your business.

Set Traps for Rodents

Once we have found and stopped them from coming in, we need to remove the rodents that are calling your business home.

Repel Rodents From Returning

We have state of the art rodent control methods that can prevent rodents from coming back into your property. 

Rodent Facts

  • Rodents can gnaw through almost anything including lead sheets and cinder blocks.
  • Rats/mice can spread more than 35 different diseases to humans.
  • Rats are incredibly smart and can solve puzzles, the will find a way into your business even if you block off the usual route.
  • Rodents can squeeze through openings as small as half an inch.
Rodent Facts

Rodent Control Benefits

Rodents are dangerous both to your staff and your property.  They need to be eliminated from your business right away. 

We can use cruelty free traps to remove the rodents from your premises.

Rodents aren’t just a minor irritation they are genuine health and safety problem.  If you have a food service business rodents can mean fines or even closure.

We can setup a regular maintenance schedule at your business to make sure rodents never become your problem. 

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