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The United States is no stranger to mosquitoes, and many areas with summer rains and warm days have to contend with blood-sucking pests that multiply fast. Mosquitoes gather in large groups and can make any outdoor activity a bothersome experience. Bites are itchy, and the idea that these insects thrive on human blood is also disconcerting.

There are thousands of mosquito species, and most are found right here in the United States. Like people, mosquitoes love being outside near bodies of water during spring and summer. They need the water to breed and fly around nearby areas where they can feed. The insects cannot fly far, and mosquitoes often gather and stay in one place.

Proper mosquito control is critical to keeping your outdoor activities enjoyable, but they will continue to breed without the right professional intervention. No one wants to share their home with a swarm of mosquitoes, which is why Majestic Pest Control is committed to exterminating these pests and keeping them at bay. We keep the pests away so that you and your family can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors in the best way possible: mosquito-free.

How We Eliminate Mosquitoes

Not every mosquito sucks blood, but they are all capable of buzzing and spreading trouble. The insects that do bite may cause serious problems by spreading diseases or causing allergic reactions. Majestic Pest Control locates the breeding grounds, checks for entryways, and then get to work to eradicate the mosquitoes.

Locate the breeding grounds

The breeding location is dependent on water, and that is where we begin our search. Homes with pools and waterfront properties are especially popular for mosquito survival, and the females lay their eggs anywhere that is wet. Preferred locations include shallow water, mud, and undisturbed damp areas. 

You should always check your home for the breeding source, including basements, hoses in the yard, and damp garden spots.

Check for potential mosquito entryways

You can almost always expect to encounter mosquitoes when walking outside, but homeowners want to feel safe indoors away from the blood-sucking pests. If you notice an abundance of mosquitoes inside your house, our Majestic Pest Control team will do a thorough inspection to determine their entry points. 

Common entryways for mosquitoes typically include: 

  • open doors
  • cracked or open windows
  • holes in outdoor screens
  • attics
  • basements

Our pest control professionals will help you determine how and where the mosquitoes are entering your home and put a stop to it. We can repair the area and show you how to prevent the pests from returning the following season.

Rid your home of mosquitoes

Once we have determined where they are breeding and how they are getting in, we eliminate them with safe and effective methods. First, we use a larvicide to kill the young insects; then, we eliminate the remaining adults by locating food sources and entryways. Our methods prevent the mosquitoes from entering your home again and offer peace of mind.

The goal is always to protect your family and keep them comfortable during the extermination process and thereafter. You can trust Majestic Pest Control to use only safe and professional methods when controlling the mosquitoes. Feel free to ask us more about the range of materials we can use in your home.

Mosquito Facts

  • Out of the 3,500 species of mosquitoes, only a few hundred drink blood.
  • Mosquitoes require water or moist environments to lay their eggs. Ponds, lakes, and soil are the most common breeding grounds. 
  • Most species prefer warm weather and tend to rest in the shade during the hottest part of the day. 
  • Only female mosquitoes bite. Since they are the ones that lay the eggs, they require blood rather than plant nectar to sustain their life cycles. 
  • Beer attracts mosquitos because of the lactic acid and carbon dioxide found in breath and sweat when we drink it. Consuming beer increases the likelihood that mosquitoes will bite you, especially outdoors.
  • Malaria is the most common disease spread by mosquitoes. It affects over 200 million people worldwide each year, and it can be fatal without proper drugs or treatment. This fact alone makes mosquitoes one of the deadliest creatures on earth.
  • Mosquitoes have a short lifespan, living up to six months on average (unless we kill them). 
  • The insects do not typically fly far and tend to stay within a three-mile radius of their breeding spot.

Mosquito Control Benefits

There is more than one benefit to keeping irritating mosquitoes at bay.

Enjoying the Great Outdoors

Mosquitoes can quickly turn your favorite outdoor activities into a nightmare, including camping, swimming, hiking, and sunbathing. If you are near water, your outdoor activities are sure to attract the attention of the local mosquitoes. Eliminating them is the best way to recapture your enjoyment of that favorite pastime outside.

Are the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes interrupting your campfire stories? Majestic Pest Control can eliminate these pests fast so that you can get back to storytime. 

Avoiding bites and potential diseases

Mosquito bites are annoying, but the irritation they cause can leave people with an itch that lasts for days. A mosquito bite can also lead to more severe problems, like malaria or an allergic reaction. 

  • Malaria fatalities are rare in the United States. However, the disease itself creates extensive challenges and is often a long recovery process. Malaria treatments are also expensive and time-consuming. 
  • Allergic reactions to mosquito bites are a more common problem. They are not usually fatal, but you should seek medical attention immediately if you notice you are having an unusual allergic reaction to a bite.

The best way to avoid the risks is to exterminate the mosquitoes. 

Professional extermination is safe

Professionals like Majestic Pest Control know the best ways to eliminate pests like mosquitoes. We have the training and expertise to kill the mosquitoes with eco-friendly methods and keep the area pest-free. 
Our chemicals kill the mosquitoes but do not cause any harm to you or your family. 

Ridding your home of the mosquitoes’ nesting grounds and blocking entryways ensures you can enjoy a mosquito-free home. Our professionals do not recommend purchasing store-bought chemicals for this purpose, though. These products do not always remove pests and might be harmful to your health. 

Do you have a mosquito control problem? Reach out to Majestic Pest Control today for a permanent and safe solution.

Mosquito Treatment Benefits

An infestation of any kind of insect to your home cannot be ignored.  They pose a health hazard to your family and the very structure of your home. 

Protecting the environment is a priority and we will use green alternatives wherever we can.  

The health and safety of your family is always our highest priority.

We treat all of our clients’ homes like they were our very own and we will offer the most cost effective solution to your bed bug problems. 

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