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It can be tough to get rid of roaches with just an insecticide, setting baits or keeping things clean. Roaches can survive one month without food, one week without water, and get into everything!  Getting rid of roaches requires specialized treatments with the right chemicals and our technicians know how to get the job done. 



Fruit Flies are a problem to many restaurant, hotel, and business owners. More often than not their tiny eggs can come in on food you’ve ordered. Majestic Pest Control helps business owners terminate fruit fly infestations and prevent new ones.



With warm kitchens and plenty of food around, rodents are naturally attracted to places of business like a restaurant or hotel. We’ll tell you how & why they’re getting in, and what needs to be done to stop them.



Ants still remain one of the primary pests invading homes and ant control can be very difficult.  In order to eliminate the infestation, an understanding of ants and their behavior is paramount. 



In the last decade the number of homes and business that have reported problems with bed bug infestations have skyrocketed.  They have infested hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, college dorms and many private residences throughout the Long Island area. 

Bee Hive & Wasp


There is a high probability of an infestation if there is a notable presence of bees around your commercial residence or home. It is not recommended to take action yourself not unless you are experienced and certified. Despite their small size, their aggressive nature should not be underestimated especially when provoked. 



Crickets are another form of insect that occasionally needs a bit of population control. While some might love the summer season cricket choir, not everyone is a fan of their chirping song.



The United States is no stranger to mosquitoes, and many areas with summer rains and warm days have to contend with blood-sucking pests that multiply fast. Mosquitoes gather in large groups and can make any outdoor activity a bothersome experience. 



Spiders are considered a common invasive pest that can try to take over the darker and lesser-walked corners of any house, home, or place of business. Spider control can be challenging to achieve completely without a complete understanding of the species and behaviors of the spiders in and around a home or place of work.

Majestic Pest Control continues to grow everyday thanks to the confidence our clients have in us.

Coming to work and finding roaches in your kitchen, or fruit flies on your food isn’t pleasant to say the least.  We understand just how stressful that can be, this is the last thing that you want to deal with.  Where there is one roach there is going to be more…lots more.  The same holds true for almost every type of pes that you can invade your home.  You may use an over the counter pest killer to kill the insects that you can see but they are going to be back and they are going to bring friends with them. 

You need a pest control company that understands just how pervasive unwanted pests can be.  Roaches, ants, bed bugs or whatever pest has invaded your home isn’t just a nuisance some of them can be dangerous to your family as well as the structure of your home.  They contaminate your food, carry disease or they can eat away at the wood that was used to build your home.  They live between the walls and you may not even immediately realize how big a problem you have.

Majestic Pest Control is here to help, and we want to get you back to feeling comfortable.  We help home and business owners just like you with our pest control services, and we have the knowledge and tools to handle any pest situation you’re dealing with. Our team consists of the industry’s top pest control experts on Long Island and we will be there when you need a great exterminating company. 

How We Work

Getting rid of unwanted pests in your home isn’t always as simple as just having a pest control company come in and spray a pesticide.  You need to find where the pests are getting in, where they have made their nests and you made to make sure that any eggs are destroyed or you will be right back at square one in a few weeks.  Here is how Majestic Pest Control handles an infestation. 

1. Thorough Inspection of Your Property

Any home or business that we treat starts with a thorough inspection.  Our pest control technicians will establish where pests are getting into your home, where they have made their nests and what the best course of action is to get rid of them.  After the inspection we sit down with the property owner and go over the best course of action to remove the pests from your home or business. 

2. Treat Your Home

Once we have discussed with you the best course of action and we have your approval to go ahead we will start taking action to remove your pests.  We will address how they are getting in and eradicate the pests in your home.  Treatment can include sprayed pesticides, traps and strips to rid you of unwanted pests.  Depending on the property and size of the infestation treatment may take more than one visit. 

3. Follow Up Treatments

Depending on the size of the infestation it may take more than one treatment to effectively get rid of the infestation.  We also follow up with all of our clients to make sure that the infestation has been removed and there home belongs to them.  Follow up treatments are just as important as the initial treatment it is necessary to exterminate pests during the appropriate part of their life cycle. 


Cost-effective Pest Control Solutions

Our goal has always been to provide the best pest control solution on Long Island at an affordable price.  Our clients have been counting on us for years to do just that. 


From Roaches to Fruit Flies - We Kill Them All

Roaches, Fruit Flies or Rodents, it doesn’t matter the type of infestation you have you can count on us to be there to handle them for you.  Give us a call for a free inspection.


Are roaches a threat to my health?

Yes, roaches can be dangerous to your health.  Roaches have been known to spread disease and can trigger asthma attacks in those with the condition. 

Do I have to leave my home while you are here?

No, in most cases it isn’t necessary for you to leave your home.  We make safety our highest priority and for regular treatments you can be be home or not, it’s really up to you. 

Are your products safe ?

The safety of our clients and staff is always our number one priority! Regular treatments are safe for family and pets, should there be any situation where you would be required to leave we would work with you for minimal interruption. 

I am still seeing pests after you sprayed ?

That can happen, some products don’t kill instantly rather pests bring the product back to the nest and kill the infestation at the source.  

Can you treat bed bugs ?

Yes, we can treat bed bugs along with any number of pests just give us a call. 

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, the terms of the warranty will depend on the type of insect and how sever the infestation was.  Please get in touch with us for a thorough inspection. 

Do you treat commercial property as well ?

Yes, we can treat both commercial and residential property all over NYC and Long Island.  

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are fully licensed and insured. Your property is in good hands with Majestic Pest Control, give us a call today to see how we can help you. 

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