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Most Common Pests That Come Out During the Fall Season

Most Common Pests That Come Out During the Fall Season

Vibrant green trees and bushes make the sight outside the windows every fall to be very refreshing and pleasant. However, what hides in the background are the most active pests this season.

It is why many homeowners consider pest control as one of the essential preparations. While specific bug populations decline as the temperature becomes cooler, others become more aggressive and flourish in these circumstances.

Tune in to this article until the end to learn the most common pests that come out during the fall season.


8 Common Pests During The Fall Season

Before planning the measures and types of pest control, it is important to know what these common pests are to make specific plans to eliminate them.

1. Rats And Mice

During the fall, rats and mice enter houses in search of a warm place to live and food and water to keep them nourished during the colder months. In addition to carrying hazardous diseases, rodents are frequently accompanied by other parasites like fleas and ticks.

2. Stink bugs

When it becomes colder, stink bugs seek protection, which is why they are frequently seen hovering around houses and other structures during the fall season. You certainly would want to keep these pests out of your yard because they can harm the fruits and plants there.  Avoid squashing any stink bugs you come across because doing so will cause them to emit their unpleasant stench.

3. Cockroaches

When the weather worsens, cockroaches will come indoors in the quest for warmth, food, and water. The most straightforward approach to prevent a roach outbreak in your household is preventative roach control: eliminate hiding spots by decluttering and maintaining a clean home, eliminate or minimize food and water supplies, and reduce or eliminate breeding grounds. You may have a major roach infestation that requires immediate attention if you notice numerous cockroaches of various sizes.

4. Hornets, Bees, And Wasps

In general, stinging insects start to become very active in the fall. They are working hard to gather nutrition from various sources. There are greater numbers of them at the end of the summer season than any other year since their colonies grew significantly throughout the summer.

Since these pests like to build their nests in exterior siding, within chimneys, vents, around window cracks, bushes, trees, woodpiles, and inside already-existing cracks or fissures of structures, increased numbers, activities, and nests could provide a problem for homeowners.

5. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are blood-feeding pests that infest chairs, photo frames, headboards, and other difficult-to-reach places like plugs in your house. These pests can infiltrate even the smallest spaces and proliferate, which makes them particularly annoying.

Because homeowners travel and stay in various locations, fall is a perfect period for all these pests to infest houses. Bed bugs move by attaching themselves to the threads of your clothing, baggage, and occasionally shoe laces, which is why they have earned the nickname “hitchhiking pests” in common usage.

6. Ants

Although not immediately, most ant species, including the carpenter ant, gradually cause structural harm to your home’s wood and foam padding. The warmth, excess food, moisture found near your sink, plumbing, counters, and kitchen equipment are all attractive to ants.

Due to their vast population and their living in colonies, ants are a troublesome pest to control. When these conditions are discovered, ants will produce a lane of pheromones in their wake to direct other members of their colony to the food supply or perhaps a potential new home.

7. Crickets

Fall is almost here when the crickets start chirping. They annoy us while we rest, consume clothes and multiply quickly. Varieties such as greenhouse camel crickets can take over basements and first floors.

8. Box-Elder Bugs

Box-elder bugs aren’t harmful to people like stink bugs but emit a strong odor when disturbed. These insects, which are black or dark brown with red markings, live in particular types of trees, including box elder, maple, and ash, but look for warmer places to build their winter nests. Since these are the most prolific times in their life cycle, spray your home in the early spring and in the fall.



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