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Reasons Why You Need to Schedule Fall Pest Control Services

Some pests have a tendency to come out in the fall, but don’t worry-we’ve got you covered for pest control services! Fall is a great time to get your home ready for winter.  Most people have extra things to do in the fall like raking leaves, making sure their home is weather proof and turning off the water supply. If you live in an area that gets cold in the winter, make sure to drain your pipes! This will prevent them from freezing and cracking, which will save you a lot of expensive repairs later.  More importantly don’t forget to schedule your fall pest control services and you will find some reasons why below!

Where Do Insects Go During Cold Months?

Insects are cold-blooded and most active when the temperature is above 70°F. Insects go into a state of dormancy or go into a form of “hibernation” during the colder times of the year. When winter arrives, insects may either die due to low temperatures or they will go into a dormant state which reduces their metabolic processes and this allows them to conserve energy. With the arrival of spring, insect activity resumes and they start mating and laying eggs.

It can be easier for insects to survive during the colder months if the habitat has some type of shelter that provides protection against extreme temperatures or any predators that may be outside looking for an easy meal. Pests are more affected by seasonal changes if they live outside since their environment is constantly changing.

Insects and rodents can be attracted to homes during colder months because they are looking for a warm place to protect themselves from the cold weather. Outbreaks of certain insects can be more common due to how active a home is during the winter months. Homes that are not occupied as much during colder months can often attract insects, rodents and other pests because there is a lack of food available to them outside.

During winter months, insects and rodents will try to stay inside homes because they sense less activity in the home, so it makes it easier for them to find a place to live. Pests will continue to reproduce and multiply in homes which can cause an increase in the number of insects and rodents looking for a place to stay.

What is Overwintering?

Overwintering is a term that can be used to describe insects and other animals that survive during the cold winter months. The term overwintering is used for animals and insects that hibernate or go into a dormant state, which typically includes lowering their metabolic processes and conserving energy.

Pests are common during this time of year due to the fact that they can sense less activity in homes and there is an abundance of food sources such as plants, wood, mice and bird food. Severe cases of pests can result from overbuilding-suburban living areas have an increased number of ground squirrels, rats and other undesirable creatures because there’s a lack of predators in the area. Pests can be more attracted to homes during this time of year and they can create a lot of damage if not treated.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe, but fall is the prime season for pests. Not only do you have bugs looking for winter shelter, but animals such as mice, rats and squirrels are looking for food storage to help them survive the winter months. As we head into fall, it can be a good time to look for signs of activity such as mice and rat droppings or nests that may indicate their presence in your home.

It’s important to get treatment before the colder weather hits because pests will begin looking for shelter and food sources to help them survive the winter months. Pests can cause a lot of damage to homes and they spread diseases so it’s best to treat problems as soon as possible for your home.

Fall Pests on Long Island

Nature is unpredictable, and this time of year brings change to our environment. Fall is a prime season for pests of all shapes and sizes, including ants, spiders, rodents, and other critters. Remember that pest control services can take care of them–and you’ll save yourself a lot of money on repairs later.


Mice on Long Island are not new to this area and they’ve been a problem for a long time. One of the reasons that they’re such a big problem is because they can spread diseases and cause damage to homes. Mice invade homes during the colder months when there’s not as much activity in the home and it’s easier for them to find food sources. They like to eat cereal, oatmeal, bird seed and other edible materials found in homes.

Deer Mice

Deer mice can travel a great distance in a single year, and they have been found as far as 600 miles from their base. This makes it difficult to predict where they will show up next. They can be found in both rural and urban areas, with the most common being the residence of deer mice. A deer mouse is about 5-6 inches long and weighs around 12-17 ounces. Deer mice are nocturnal animals that like to live close to water sources such as rivers or streams. Deer mice that live near these areas will often use them as a food source during the summer months, eating aquatic vegetation and frogs and rodents.

House Mice

Rodents such as mice and rats commonly invade homes during the colder months of the year. The most common type of rodents found throughout New York State, and on Long Island specifically is the house mouse. This rodent lives almost everywhere, but its numbers are usually kept in check by larger predators like hawks and owls. They can cause damage to homes because they can chew through insulation, wiring, and even structural beams. Rodents are also known to spread diseases by contaminating food sources with their urine or feces.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are one of the most common types of rodents found throughout New York State. They prefer to live in urban areas where it’s easier for them to find food sources. Norway rats have been seen on Long Island since the 1930s. They can cause some damage to homes because they can chew through insulation, wiring, and even structural beams. Rodents are also known for spreading diseases by contaminating food sources with their urine or feces.


Tree squirrels are also seen on Long Island during the winter months–although the most common type is not found here because it doesn’t live anywhere but the southern regions of the US. The most common type of tree squirrels found on Long Island are eastern gray squirrels and fox squirrels. Fox squirrels are recognized by their rust-colored body fur, white bellies, and black tails with white tassels at the end. They’re usually larger than gray squirrels, with the length of their body being about a foot and a half. Tree squirrels are more nocturnal than other types of rodents, so they may not come out during the winter months. They will eat acorns, fruit, nuts, seeds and even bark from trees.

Why Do You Need Annual Pest Control Services?

Nature is unpredictable, and this time of year brings change to our environment. Fall is a prime season for pests of all shapes and sizes, including ants, spiders, rodents, raccoons, skunks, possums and others. It is important to be prepared for what changes are coming ahead of time.

During fall, pests will seek shelter in homes to keep warm and find food sources to store for winter months. Rodents are common fall invaders on the island because they can access homes through open windows or vents. Rodents can be very destructive because they can chew through insulation, wiring and structural beams.

Pests like bed bugs hibernate during winter months but will come out of hiding when temperatures rise again. Bed bug populations around New York State are on the rise–so now is the time to learn how you can fight back.

We’ve all heard about the terrifying creatures that come out during Halloween, but did you know some of them can invade your home? Bats (yes, bats!), squirrels and raccoons are common fall invaders in homes on Long Island. They may not be seeing any action this time of year, but that doesn’t mean you should let your guard down.


Let’s face it–pests don’t take the day off for Christmas or any other holiday either! This means they can show up in our homes at any time of year. The best way to protect yourself from these creepy creatures is by hiring a pest control service. But don’t wait until the first sign of a pest! Schedule pest control services now and make sure that you’re prepared for fall’s pests!