Lower Melville

Lower Melville is a great place to live if you’re looking for a suburban community feel in Melville. It’s quiet and safe, and there are plenty of things to do in the area. The homes are spacious and well-maintained, and the people here are friendly and welcoming. 


The Lower Melville neighborhood of Melville, NY is a diverse and vibrant community. According to the most recent census data, the population of Lower Melville is 42.7% white, 30.1% Hispanic or Latino, 13.2% black or African American, and 9.8% Asian. The median household income in Lower Melville is $85,788, and the median home value is $509,444. Lower Melville is home to a variety of businesses and amenities, including restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and schools. 

The community is also served by the Long Island Rail Road, which provides direct access to New York City. Lower Melville residents are proud of their neighborhood and work hard to maintain its vibrant culture and economic stability.


Education in Lower Melville has long been a priority for the community. The neighborhood is home to several highly rated schools, including Melville Elementary School, which consistently ranks among the top 10 schools in the state. In addition, the community offers a variety of after-school and summer programs designed to help students succeed. 

Recent initiatives include a partnership with the local library to provide free homework help and a new program that offers free tutoring for students who are struggling in school. These programs have helped to improve educational outcomes for students in Lower Melville, making it one of the top neighborhoods for education in NY.


Lower Melville is a neighborhood located in the town of Melville, New York. The neighborhood is home to a number of businesses and attractions, including a golf course, a spa, and a variety of restaurants. Lower Melville is also home to a number of historical landmarks, such as the Melville House and the First Baptist Church of Melville. 

In recent years, the neighborhood has become increasingly popular with tourists, who come to experience the unique history and culture of the area. Lower Melville is an excellent place to visit for those who are interested in exploring the history of Long Island or enjoying the many amenities that the area has to offer.

If you’re looking for a place to raise a family or just enjoy a quiet suburban lifestyle, Lower Melville is the perfect place for you. Thanks for choosing Lower Melville as your new home!


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