Duffy is a neighborhood located in Hicksville, New York. The area is named after John Duffy, who was the original owner of the land. Duffy is bordered by Old Country Road to the north, Union Avenue to the south, Broadway to the east, and West John Street to the west. The community is home to a number of businesses and amenities, including a grocery store, a bank, and a post office. Duffy Elementary School, located on Union Avenue, serves students in grades K-5. The area is also home to a number of parks and recreational facilities, including Guy Lombardo Memorial Park and Duffy Pond.


According to the 2010 Census, the Duffy neighborhood of Hicksville, NY has a population of 6,485. The population is 51.4% male and 48.6% female. The median age is 33.8 years old. 86.3% of the population is white, 5.9% is Hispanic or Latino, 3.1% is Asian, and 2.1% is black or African American. 8.7% of the population is foreign born, and 27.4% speak a language other than English at home. The median household income in Duffy is $85,023. Duffy is a diverse community with a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. However, it remains a tight-knit community where neighbors look out for one another and support each other through thick and thin.


Duffy is a neighborhood that is known for its good schools. The area is served by the Hicksville Public Schools district, which includes six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. Duffy is also home to a number of private and parochial schools, including St. John the Baptist Catholic School and Our Lady of Victory Academy. Students in Duffy have the opportunity to receive a quality education from preschool through college. In addition to its excellent schools, Duffy also has a variety of parks and recreational facilities, making it a great place to live for families with children.


Tourism is an important industry for the local economy in Duffy. The area is home to a number of attractions that draw visitors from all over the region. One of the most popular tourist destinations is the Museum of Natural History, which features exhibits on the area’s history and culture. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs for children and adults. 

Another popular attraction is the Duffy Zoo, which is home to a variety of animals from all over the world. The zoo also offers a number of rides and attractions for visitors to enjoy. In addition to these two main attractions, Duffy also has a number of smaller businesses that cater to tourists, such as restaurants, hotels, and shops. These businesses help to support the local economy and provide jobs for residents.

Overall, Duffy is a great place to call home. It’s centrally located on Long Island, close to shopping, restaurants, and major highways. The residents are friendly and welcoming, and the community has a small-town feel. There are plenty of activities and events for residents to enjoy, and the schools are excellent. If you’re looking for a safe, family-friendly neighborhood to raise your kids in, Duffy is the perfect place for you.


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