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Termite Control

Termites are hands down one of the most destructive insect infestations you can have.  Termites will consume wood 24 hours a day and it doesn’t take long before they have caused extensive damage to your home.  Majestic Pest Control has been providing the Greater NYC & Long Island area residents termite control that is both safe and effective.  Our team is made up of highly trained experts that will use the right termite treatment to rid your home of these unwanted pests once and for all. 

Termites will build their colonies in the soil around your home or business but when they start looking for food away from their colonies, it is the wood in your building that start tunneling in and eating.  When you first notice a potential termite problem, it will be the termite tubes on the wood that most people notice.  It is a sure sign that you need a professional inspection to come and determine how big the problem has become. 

While many homeowners don’t often examine the wood around and under their homes, rather they notice a termite problem in the spring when they find winged termites inside their house.  Finding flying termites in your home can be disturbing to say the least and it is time that you bring in a professional to take a look. 

Our team of highly trained pest control technicians know just what to look for and how to defend your home against termites.  We will use safe and effective baits geared towards eliminating the colony.  Our solutions are effective and safe for your family and the pets in your home. 

How We Eliminate Termites

Thorough Inspection

Termite control starts with a thorough inspection to determine how extensive the termite infestation has gotten. 

Set Out Bait

We use bait that the termites will bring back to the colony and kill them all at the source, getting rid of them for good. 

Eradicate the Colony

Once the colony has been eliminated, we will come back and do regular inspections to make sure that they are gone. 

Termite Facts

  • Termites don’t sleep they will eat and build nests until they are dead
  • There are almost 3,000 species of termites across the globe
  • Termite queens can lay almost 40,000 eggs each and every day
  • Termites are much like ants in that they have a structured social hierarchy with the queen ruling 
termite control

Termite Control Benefits

Termites are among the most destructive insects that can invade your home.  If you think you have a termite problem it is time for an inspection. 

We will do a thorough inspection of your home to determine the depth of the infestation.

Our termite control treatments are safe for your family and your property. 

It is our mission to eliminate the infestation the first time.  

termite control