Spider Control

Why Are There More Spiders in the Fall?

The Fall is the start of harvest season, which means that there are more people in the fields. This attracts spiders to these open areas because they’re too busy focusing on raising their young during summer; this also coincides with hunting season for many birds and humans who would otherwise find them quickly and kill them.

This causes an increase in the number of spiders seen at this time of year, as well as the spider population overall since males will attempt to mate with females by wrapping them up in silk. Females can lay anywhere from 50-100 eggs each day so it’s not uncommon for a field or forest floor to be covered by webbing due to all of these mating attempts!

Are Spiders More Active in Fall?

It’s important to remember that spiders are also still active during the Fall, however! Consequently, you may find that there are more bugs and insects around during these months because they’re not being hunted as efficiently by birds and other small predators. The spider population is artificially inflated at this time of year by males who want to mate with females, but it’s important to note that this is NOT a mating season for spiders! The females lay their eggs during this time, yes, but they do so because there are more bugs and insects available to eat. In fact, some spiders will actually move into houses or structures in order to have access to food 24/7!

While there will be an increased number of spiders at this time of year and you may see more people using bug spray than usual because they’re trying to ward off insects and bugs, remember that these behaviors and actions aren’t actually due to a spider “mating season.” While people and other creatures hunt fewer prey during the Fall, it’s nothing out of the ordinary and certainly doesn’t mean there is a “spider mating season.”

What Happens to Spiders in Fall?

We all know that spiders love open places – they live in our closets and dark corners. But when the leaves start to turn brown and fall, their habitats change. The air becomes cooler and it doesn’t rain as much, so less bugs and prey show up in our yards and gardens. This is why we see more spiders in fall: not just because it’s harvest season, but also because they’re home is shrinking. They move out of their burrows to find a new place to hide or hunt for food.

In the fall, spiders have to leave their burrows for two reasons: 1) it becomes harder to find prey and 2) there are limited places where they can lay their eggs. Also, if a spider lays her eggs during this time of year, it’s easier for them to catch prey since there are more insects out and about.

How Do I Keep Spiders Out of My House in Fall?

Spiders usually live in areas where they can find shelter, so it’s important to look for their webs in your home or bedroom, around windows, doors, or in corners. They are most active when the temp is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you want to keep them away, then you can use window screens or weather-proof screens on doors so they don’t have access to your home. This way, the spiders will have no choice but to vacate your living space. You can also opt for traps so that you know exactly how many there are in your house before making any drastic measures.

If you get rid of the spiders in your house, then there’s a bigger chance that they will become more active during summer because their natural habitat is shrinking and this means that there won’t be as much prey for them – especially if you’re using pesticides or other chemicals to kill them. You should also avoid using mothballs to keep them out, as it is a dangerous and poisonous substance that can also harm pets or children. You should also try to stay cool with your pest control methods because if possible, you don’t want to do anything that would encourage spiders to migrate into your home during summer!

Remember that spiders are an important part of the ecosystem. While they eat insects, they themselves are food for small birds or lizards who can’t catch larger prey. Removing them from your home doesn’t help in the long run because you’ll only leave more bugs around to infest your living space next year!

Are Spiders More Active in Winter?

No, spiders are not more active in winter. In fact, they’re less active in the winter because the food supply is scarce and it’s cold out. If there is a spider outside your home during this time of year, it means that they have migrated to another area or building to escape the cold weather. They still do need a living space so they will find a warm spot to wait until spring.

Spiders also become more active during fall as prey becomes scarce, so they have to hunt for food themselves. The mating season doesn’t have anything to do with any of these things, but the fact that the climate changes and this gives them more places to live!


It’s true that there are more spiders in the fall than any other time of year. This is because as summer starts to wind down, harvest season kicks into high gear and with it comes a lot of people out in the fields where spiders live. Spiders build webs for food sources like flies and bugs; now they’re not busy taking care of their young or hiding from predators, so you can find them much easier during this time! If you have a fear of arachnids, don’t worry–we offer spider extermination services at our company to get rid of these pests before they become an issue for your home or business. Give us a call today if you need help making sure your property is free from creepy crawlers!