Places of Interest in Wantagh, NY

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Jones Beach Hotel

Address: 3275 Byron St, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 785-2020 Visit the Jones Beach Hotel Website View Jones Beach Hotel on Google Latitude: 40.6599647 Longitude: -73.5086674

Did you know that Jones Beach Hotel rates 4.1/5 based on 306 total ratings?

Reviews for Jones Beach Hotel
Rob Landon Rob Landon 4/5 2 months ago We spent a great long weekend here! The room, while pretty small, was very clean and comfortable. We spent most of our time sight seeing, but had one night in watching movies and snacking in our bed. The front desk person was incredibly nice and recommended a great restaurant within walking distance! Definitely a hidden gem in a quiet residential neighborhood.
Ivan Sostarec Ivan Sostarec 5/5 8 months ago There is something about this hotel that makes you feel good. It’s located near big park so you can do your bike ride or jogging. Restaurant is excellent
Misha Copeland Misha Copeland 5/5 a month ago So so so clean. Can’t stress enough have clean it is. Rooms are small, but incredibly homely. Woman at the front desk is an angel, and it’s super quaint and cute. Feels clean and safe and is a quick ride from the beach.
Photo Courtesey of: Levittown Public Schools

General Douglas MacArthur High School

Address: 3369 Old Jerusalem Rd, Levittown, NY 11756, USA Main Phone: (516) 434-7225 Visit the General Douglas MacArthur High School Website View General Douglas MacArthur High School on Google Latitude: 40.7036399 Longitude: -73.5063068

Did you know that General Douglas MacArthur High School rates 3.6/5 based on 16 total ratings?

Reviews for General Douglas MacArthur High School
jarc master jarc master 2/5 5 years ago They did average on a Music’s Certicate Award, needed to coordinate better, they did all in a rush because of a board meeting they had after, recommendations: Keep personal to inform parents from others school about guidance, entrance, place of the meeting and specially orientation for children to know what to do. This is a constructive critic for future events.
Robert Katz Robert Katz 5/5 3 years ago Great high school. Graduated in class of 2000!
jim carroll jim carroll 5/5 5 years ago Great school.

United Skates of America Roller Skating Center

Address: 1276 Hicksville Rd, Seaford, NY 11783, USA Main Phone: (516) 795-5474 Visit the United Skates of America Roller Skating Center Website View United Skates of America Roller Skating Center on Google Latitude: 40.693913 Longitude: -73.481134

Did you know that United Skates of America Roller Skating Center rates 4.1/5 based on 1350 total ratings?

Reviews for United Skates of America Roller Skating Center
Al Rodriguez Al Rodriguez 5/5 6 months ago SUPER nice staff and management, energy is great on Adult nights, lots of friendly and welcoming skaters,very exciting. Be careful and aware of a few “adults” that come with a combative and troubled personalities standing square in the middlle looking for attention and won’t comply instruction from staff to roll on, otherwise the rolling experience would be more enjoyable & safer. Overall the Love from the other great and fantastic people makes the event lots of fun and enjoyable, great place to skate in a friendly and drama free atmosphere. Highly recommended
J Kev. J Kev. 5/5 a month ago If your 40-something year-old friend invites you and you’re not sure if you should go, well, read this. They have these great things that help you skate. I’m not sure what you call them, but my friend and I call them “walls.” They are made of plastic and they have wheels. You hold onto it as you skate. They are a “wall” that you bring with you. And they have plenty- maybe 50, so you don’t need to worry that they will run out by the time you get there. I went skating outside in Brooklyn 3 years away and fell about 11 times. Yesterday at United Skates, using the “wall”, I didn’t fall at all and I LOVED it! I will be back! And the music is great! Very contemporary, clubby music! A good workout, too! Go and see for yourself!!!!
Jeffrey Hsi Jeffrey Hsi 4/5 a week ago Fun for my kid kids who roller blade well, but pretty pricey for a family of five. At least it’s emptier when you pay full admission … because on $5 Mondays it’s too packed with too many people who don’t know how to roller skate and there are kids (and a adults) sprawling everywhere. My kids and I all got bumped into by inexperienced skaters, but all in all it was still good fun. Technically they serve food inside … but after your two hour session is up, they kick you out. No time to eat and they close the bathrooms immediately to be cleaned for the next session.
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Seaford High School

Address: 1575 Seamans Neck Rd, Seaford, NY 11783, USA Main Phone: (516) 592-4300 Visit the Seaford High School Website View Seaford High School on Google Latitude: 40.6855336 Longitude: -73.4924839

Did you know that Seaford High School rates 3.8/5 based on 8 total ratings?

Reviews for Seaford High School
16karatsoundsentertainment 16karatsoundsentertainment 5/5 6 years ago Miss that school class 2004
Luke Perfetti Luke Perfetti 1/5 4 years ago
Paula Burbage Paula Burbage 5/5 8 years ago
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Governor’s @ The Brokerage Comedy Club

Address: 2797 Merrick Rd, Bellmore, NY 11710, USA Main Phone: (516) 781-5233 Visit the Governor’s @ The Brokerage Comedy Club Website View Governor’s @ The Brokerage Comedy Club on Google Latitude: 40.664475 Longitude: -73.522938

Did you know that Governor’s @ The Brokerage Comedy Club rates 4.2/5 based on 111 total ratings?

Reviews for Governor’s @ The Brokerage Comedy Club
Bryan Lavetan Bryan Lavetan 5/5 2 months ago Had a great time here. The food was pretty good and the drinks were fun. Saw Liz Miele as the headliner. She was fantastic. The opening acts were decent but Liz was an amazing show. It’s a pretty small venue but for Stand-Up it was nice being so close to the stage. They did skip seats in between parties for COVID safety but it isn’t 6ft if that is your concern. Pretty fair compromise given the space constraints. The Wings and fries were pretty good.
Sherry Brambach Sherry Brambach 5/5 2 months ago I enjoyed went to the Governor’s@The Brokeage Comedy Shop and have a great times of fun and great laughter with the comedians who put a great performance to make the audience laughs in stitches. I have a ball went out with a friend of mine who invited me to come to put laughter back in my life since after my husband’s death five years ago to just to live again.
Juan Roman Juan Roman 3/5 a month ago Vanessa Hollingshead was very funny. The drinks were weak and food was bad.
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TD Bank

Address: 3222 Sunrise Hwy, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 781-0255 Visit the TD Bank Website View TD Bank on Google Latitude: 40.6715167 Longitude: -73.5110312

Did you know that TD Bank rates 2.8/5 based on 11 total ratings?

Reviews for TD Bank
jim mc jim mc 3/5 8 months ago Usual bank sometimes slow, please make 1 of 4 drive up tellers an ATM drive up. Not “most convenient ” to get out in rain for ATM!!!!!
samsung0804 samsung0804 5/5 a year ago They had excellent service and I was out of there in just a few minutes despite my odd request of penny rolls. Nobody collects coins any more 🙁
Sal Bruno Sal Bruno 1/5 a year ago Wantagh Ave branch much more helpful and friendlier. This branch never fails to annoy me.

Merrick Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram of Wantagh Sales Department

Address: 3614 Sunrise Hwy, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 604-0306 Visit the Merrick Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram of Wantagh Sales Department Website View Merrick Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram of Wantagh Sales Department on Google Latitude: 40.6736181 Longitude: -73.4987622

Did you know that Merrick Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram of Wantagh Sales Department rates 4.2/5 based on 696 total ratings?

Reviews for Merrick Dodge Jeep Chrysler Ram of Wantagh Sales Department
Anthony Butera Anthony Butera 5/5 a month ago 5 Stars – The salesman Jay was awesome. Patient, honest and very understanding. I told him what i wanted and the price range i was in and he made it happen with no issues ! I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to deal with. Ill be going back to him once my lease is up.
Paul M. Polichronakis Paul M. Polichronakis 2/5 a month ago Leasing my 2019 Grand Cherokee was easy and I was happy at the time, but I chose Merrick for its proximity for service but I should have gone someplace else. They offer Express Lane oil changes on paper only, every time I go, they tell me I need an appointment. They offer loaner car service but they don’t seem to have enough vehicles to loan out. I would get my next lease here, but I would not count on their service offerings.
Katie Flynn Katie Flynn 5/5 a month ago The process of buying a car is never painless. But Alfredo Deida made it as quick and easy as possible. He put everything else aside to really help us with this process throughout the entire day. Even when dealing with insurance for multiple hours he took control and explained every step. 10/10 recommend using him to get yourself a car!
Photo Courtesey of: Brands Cycle and Fitness

Brands Cycle and Fitness

Address: 1966 Wantagh Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (800) 649-3739 Visit the Brands Cycle and Fitness Website View Brands Cycle and Fitness on Google Latitude: 40.6721683 Longitude: -73.5105631

Did you know that Brands Cycle and Fitness rates 4.5/5 based on 336 total ratings?

Reviews for Brands Cycle and Fitness
Michael Jutt Michael Jutt 5/5 a month ago Great service… Two guys in the service department went out of their way to make sure I had the right part for my bike. Covering every detail that I needed to know to make a successful repair. There’s a reason this place has been in business so long. they’re great
John Bennett John Bennett 5/5 a month ago Always the best place for bikes and accessories and excellent service techs to get you 2 or 3 wheel transport running great!! They installed a 8.5″ scooter tube that I couldn’t do and neither would scooter sales places local do and will always bring my stuff there . Prices are great and this place is a staple been there a long time. Thanks guys!!
Fran S Fran S 5/5 2 weeks ago They had the bike I was looking for. In this atmosphere of high bicycle demand they had a pretty varied selection. As always the service was excellent. The sales person was tentative and stayed with me the entire time until I made my decision. Go to Brands!!
Photo Courtesey of: Billy Deans Showtime Cafe

Billy Deans Showtime Cafe

Address: 1538 Newbridge Rd, North Bellmore, NY 11710, USA Main Phone: (516) 783-0003 Visit the Billy Deans Showtime Cafe Website View Billy Deans Showtime Cafe on Google Latitude: 40.6836292 Longitude: -73.5405231

Did you know that Billy Deans Showtime Cafe rates 4.5/5 based on 46 total ratings?

Reviews for Billy Deans Showtime Cafe
Diane Garcia Diane Garcia 4/5 10 months ago I love the Billy Deans Showtime Cafe Room–a warm, cozy and friendly space that offers great music and even better margaritas. I mostly go for the tiki events that happen periodically, but I’ve seen some great bands there too. I always have fun at this place.
Scott Capone, Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Mentor Scott Capone, Realtor, Real Estate Investor, Mentor 5/5 2 years ago Great spot. Very professional staff. The ownership needs to be commended. They run a top notch venue. There’s never a problem. Drinks prices are very good too. Girls are smoking hot! Better than the overpriced NYC clubs. Right on Long Island!
Tux Eire Tux Eire 5/5 2 years ago Had a wonderful time at Billy Deans establishment in the early hours of Sunday morning this past weekend! I had just got out of a Black Tie formal wedding and needed to relax. I was so fortunate to Google nearby adult clubs and I saw Billy Deans had quite a high rating. While I did have to hunt down an ATM machine after getting my wristband, it was well worth it! I felt comfortable right away as the bartender and the dancers were so friendly and pleasant. I must say one incredible person performing at Billy Deans is Luna ❤️. She made my evening! I just wish I didn’t live an hour and a half away or I’d surely be a regular. I don’t know exactly what “the Billy Dean way” means, but they bloody hell are doing something right! I’m duly impressed.
Photo Courtesey of: Citibank


Address: 3295 Sunrise Hwy, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 882-6622 Visit the Citibank Website View Citibank on Google Latitude: 40.672414 Longitude: -73.507939

Did you know that Citibank rates 4/5 based on 3 total ratings?

Reviews for Citibank
Wantagh Taxi Wantagh Taxi 4/5 a year ago Citibank is Decent in Wantagh
Rosabel Gonzalez Rosabel Gonzalez 5/5 4 years ago the bank is thebest
Chris Wendt Chris Wendt 3/5 4 years ago
Photo Courtesey of: Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall

Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall

Address: 3232 Railroad Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 783-7500 Visit the Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall Website View Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall on Google Latitude: 40.6724576 Longitude: -73.5099373

Did you know that Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall rates 4.3/5 based on 674 total ratings?

Reviews for Mulcahy’s Pub and Concert Hall
Sheryl Cullen Sheryl Cullen 1/5 a month ago I want to advise people to be very careful going to this place. I went to the Almost Queen concert on 8/13/21, and since then I tested positive for COVID. I have been vaccinated. You don’t know who in there has been vaccinated . I went with two other people, and we all tested positive. I put a call into the place to let them know. It really is too early for concerts inside. They are putting people at risk, and especially the employees that work there. It was a great night, however not worth the outcome.
Miriam Esther Miriam Esther 5/5 a month ago We ordered a beyond burger on a gluten free bun for my vegan, gluten free, dairy free friend. I am not vegan nor gluten free but we split that burger and it was the best burger I’ve ever had. We were all obsessed with it. No sauce needed. So flavorful, so rich, yummy! And the bun was amazing. Where do you get those gluten free buns from??? Came here with friends to watch Trevor Hall- the concert was a blast!!!
cheyenne enlund cheyenne enlund 5/5 2 weeks ago The food and experience was so good definitely recommend!!! Wish I could rate more then 5 stars!! Very fun!
Photo Courtesey of: The UPS Store

The UPS Store

Address: 3280 Sunrise Hwy, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 783-6800 Visit the The UPS Store Website View The UPS Store on Google Latitude: 40.6718571 Longitude: -73.5082758

Did you know that The UPS Store rates 4.4/5 based on 21 total ratings?

Reviews for The UPS Store
Joanne Dorazio-Thier Joanne Dorazio-Thier 5/5 3 months ago I use this store a lot and have always had a good experience but today the UPS employee Laurie went above and beyond to help me mail a very awkward shaped package to someone for their birthday. She gave me different options and was so helpful. She is great at her job and was super Pleasant. I highly recommend this location.
Angela Buto Angela Buto 5/5 a week ago Outstanding customer service !! Thank you for always providing an exceptional experience.
N sand N sand 5/5 4 months ago I come here 3–>4 days a week to drop off boxes. Friendly staff and I save $$$ by not having UPS pick up at my house. Never a problem, they make it easy, employees are fantastic.
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Wantagh Mazda

Address: 3180 Sunrise Hwy, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 826-7788 Visit the Wantagh Mazda Website View Wantagh Mazda on Google Latitude: 40.6715046 Longitude: -73.5125918

Did you know that Wantagh Mazda rates 4.7/5 based on 352 total ratings?

Reviews for Wantagh Mazda
Liz Lucking Liz Lucking 5/5 a week ago My partner and I had the best car-buying experience at Wantagh Mazda this weekend! We managed to get hold of the exact car we were looking for despite all the shortages at the moment. Everyone was so friendly, respectful and helpful and made what can be a rough time a really stress-free experience! They just earned two new customers. Big thanks in particular to Josh who handled the process from start to finish!
David Lax David Lax 5/5 a month ago Simply put; Wantagh Mazda is the benchmark of excellence. I already knew when we picked up our new leased Mazda from Wantagh last year that we had made the best choice of a dealership. What I didn’t know would be the level of professionalism provided by Philip and the team recently in assisting with the disposition of the vehicle due to the tragic passing of a beloved family member. The caring and compassion afforded to my family during a very difficult period has forever rewritten the definition of what a “Family Business” truly is. Thank you, Wantagh Mazda!
Maggie Mitchell Maggie Mitchell 5/5 a month ago I had the best experience with Wantagh Mazda! Josh found me the car I was looking for and he did it in a timely fashion. He also called me frequently to keep me updated, which was very important! They went out of their way and I can’t thank them enough! Such a wonderful dealership all together.
Photo Courtesey of: All Island Estates Realty Corp.

All Island Estates Realty Corp.

Address: 3242 Railroad Ave, Wantagh, NY 11793, USA Main Phone: (516) 783-5600 Visit the All Island Estates Realty Corp. Website View All Island Estates Realty Corp. on Google Latitude: 40.672562 Longitude: -73.5097239

Did you know that All Island Estates Realty Corp. rates 4.3/5 based on 17 total ratings?

Reviews for All Island Estates Realty Corp.
D k D k 5/5 a year ago My go to for commercial real estate. They helped me sell our property at the price I wanted in relatively quick time when it seemed like no one else could! Also good with 1031 exchange.
David K David K 5/5 a year ago Matt is the best guy around! Honest, helpful, and always has your best interests at heart. I’ve never had a problem with this company in the many years I’ve chose to work with them.
Elan Oved Elan Oved 5/5 a year ago Buying ? Selling ? …..The man you must be looking for is Matt Shane….actually I would renamed him …..Hurricane Matt- lighting speed results – do not waste your time …. Matt assistance Stacy is just as amazing as Matt- 5 showing in 3 days …. written offer NO CONTINGENTS…. within 7 days Hurricane Matt – is your man

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