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Photo Courtesey of: The Inn At New Hyde Park

The Inn At New Hyde Park

Address: 214 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 354-7797 Visit the The Inn At New Hyde Park Website View The Inn At New Hyde Park on Google Latitude: 40.7309964 Longitude: -73.6919742

Did you know that The Inn At New Hyde Park rates 4.4/5 based on 922 total ratings?

Reviews for The Inn At New Hyde Park
Hector Berrios Hector Berrios 4/5 a month ago Visited the Inn for a wedding and was pleasantly surprised at the interior layout, decor and service. The wedding party I was attending was very happy with the overall attention to service and detail. You will find it to be a beautiful location to hold any event at. I stopped taking photos because I was a guest at my former employees wedding. Very happy for them and wish them nothing but eternal blessings… Solid 4⭐️
Victor Kahn Victor Kahn 2/5 2 weeks ago Went to an event today. The layout/building itself is nice. That’s about all we had that was decent. The food was nothing great. Just average. Mini burgers were “spicy” and the buns weren’t soft. We filled up on the appetizers, first. Good thing
Shamima Rahman Shamima Rahman 5/5 2 weeks ago Everything was so good! The decorations, lighting, the cocktail and the main course! Actually the food was awesome! The guest service was excellent too! Also the free parking is near by!! I will definitely suggest people to try this place for wedding party or something like that! Only thing you have to remember, that it is expensive!!
Photo Courtesey of: Stewart Manor Country Club

Stewart Manor Country Club

Address: 51 Salisbury Ave, Garden City, NY 11530, USA Main Phone: (516) 328-7540 Visit the Stewart Manor Country Club Website View Stewart Manor Country Club on Google Latitude: 40.722334 Longitude: -73.6836499

Did you know that Stewart Manor Country Club rates 4.6/5 based on 163 total ratings?

Reviews for Stewart Manor Country Club
Ivanna Tavarez Ivanna Tavarez 5/5 3 weeks ago James and John are the absolute best. I had my baby shower here and it was such a seamless event. Even through a tropical storm it was everything I ever wanted and more. I know I will be having my wedding event there too!!!
Alana Gamber Alana Gamber 5/5 2 months ago We had the most beautiful wedding reception at the Stewart Manor Country Club. The owners were wonderful to work with and so responsive to our requests. John and James made the event run perfectly. The food was above and beyond, thank you to Chef Paul! All our guests had the best time and we are so appreciative of having all our wedding memories there!! Highly recommend to all!!
Tina Parri Tina Parri 5/5 5 months ago Just celebrated my daughters Bridal Shower at Stewart Manor Country Club. I cannot thank them enough for their personalized service they gave throughout this whole process. From booking to menu planning and even on a day of the event, they were very attentive to us and made sure everything we needed was taken care of. I felt so comfortable there. They made us feel very important and special. We felt like family. Between the delicious food, the beautiful venue and amazing service, you will not be disappointed!! James and John were wonderful to work with. It was the most perfect day!
Photo Courtesey of: Hassan Ajmal

UFC GYM Long Island

Address: 2020 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 784-4072 Visit the UFC GYM Long Island Website View UFC GYM Long Island on Google Latitude: 40.7349331 Longitude: -73.6733074

Did you know that UFC GYM Long Island rates 3.4/5 based on 228 total ratings?

Reviews for UFC GYM Long Island
Jeremy Jacinto Jeremy Jacinto 4/5 2 months ago They really changed. I used to give them 1 star but this gym is clean. People re racks their weights. Management are extremely nice. Hoping they go back to fully 24/7
Alper Donmez Alper Donmez 1/5 6 months ago Workers are like used car salesmen, they practically beg you to spend more money. Was charged an extra month after I quit my membership. They then promised me a refund but never gave it to me. They proceeded to go back on their word and argue with me for an hour on the phone. Very crowded every time I went in. Find a better gym.
Ronald Weidner Ronald Weidner 2/5 3 weeks ago Gym was ok. The price is high for what it is and training sessions are the same deal too. They’re in business to get as many members as they can. They can help themselves by lowering the membership and training rates to get more people to sign up. The gym was pretty much inaccessible via bicycle during the winters though. That’s the bad thing with the location, coming from Queens. The bathrooms need some cleaning. Anyways, I left New York already and doing my own thing with a fitness app I’m constantly working on elsewhere.
Photo Courtesey of: Umberto’s


Address: 633 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 437-7698 Visit the Umberto’s Website View Umberto’s on Google Latitude: 40.732381 Longitude: -73.687418

Did you know that Umberto’s rates 4.5/5 based on 2154 total ratings?

Reviews for Umberto’s
Chris Pags (Flyin18T) Chris Pags (Flyin18T) 5/5 a week ago Incredibly delicious meal. The Sicilian slices are (and always have been) the best on Long Island, if not all of New York. The entrée was presented on a piping hot dish, and everything looked amazing. The food was incredibly fresh and delicious. The portion size was XXL. My wife and son were unable to finish their portions and had it packed up to bring home as a second meal. I plowed through my entire dish and soaked up any remnants of sauce with bread. Incredibly satisfying meal. If you are lucky enough to get either Tony or Enrico as your servers then your overall dining experience will be that much better, They are incredibly attentive and unbelievably nice, polite and professional. The overall dining experience from sitting down to paying the check was perfect. If you’re looking for an amazing Italian meal then this location better be on your list.
Laura Papile-Cortez Laura Papile-Cortez 5/5 2 months ago Been coming here as long as I can remember. Always fresh, everything always amazing. Whether you eat in or pickup, or order for delivery it’s always on point at Umberto’s! From the pizza to salads to entrees you can’t go wrong here. The brick oven regular pie is out of this world! Highly recommend.
Russell Lord Russell Lord 5/5 6 months ago Great Pizza and other Italian food. If you want amazing Pizza? Search no more. Go here. The restaurant is amazing also. When I leave LI, I will miss this place the most. Bar none
Photo Courtesey of: Floral Terrace

Floral Terrace

Address: 250 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, NY 11001, USA Main Phone: (516) 488-2626 Visit the Floral Terrace Website View Floral Terrace on Google Latitude: 40.7289095 Longitude: -73.701548

Did you know that Floral Terrace rates 4.5/5 based on 333 total ratings?

Reviews for Floral Terrace
gaby k gaby k 5/5 2 months ago This has to be one of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever been to. It truly is a hidden diamond! Very clean and pleasant place to be in. The food was scrumptious. Beautiful bar area as well and their pricing is fabulous.
David Musheyev David Musheyev 5/5 4 months ago Awesome Staff, Great service. Had my fiancé’s bridal shower at this venue lets say the owners/staff are awesome. Accommodated all of my needs & were very welcoming with all of my event planners to make sure my event goes as smooth as possible. Highly recommend this venue!!! Thank you Floral Terrace
Vishal das Vishal das 5/5 3 months ago Amazing venue for wedding so, beautiful ambiance and great lighting. iam glad and happy that I hosted my wedding in this place. Definitely recommend
Photo Courtesey of: AT&T Store

AT&T Store

Address: 181 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, NY 11001, USA Main Phone: (516) 855-8641 Visit the AT&T Store Website View AT&T Store on Google Latitude: 40.7288547 Longitude: -73.7039422

Did you know that AT&T Store rates 3.7/5 based on 204 total ratings?

Reviews for AT&T Store
Tawanna Lee Tawanna Lee 5/5 2 months ago I initially was going to go to another AT&T store but I said let me google and see if there’s a closer one and I found this store! I’m so glad I made that detour the new manager Mehrooz was so nice to let me in even though they were closed, mind you I walk with a cane and he was so nice to let me in! I told him all I needed was a glass cover case for my phone and he let me in. The case normally cost $40 but because I am an AT&T customer I only had to pay eight dollars he was so cool! This will be my new AT&T store instead of going to the one I was going to go to! I wish him all the best as the new manager there!
Hue Xiwng ly Hue Xiwng ly 5/5 a month ago Ask for Kal! This man knows his job! I can’t express enough that he took excellent care of me. I was honestly dreading going into the store. He truly respected my time. Thanks again man
Lara Fernandez Lara Fernandez 5/5 a month ago My overall experience at AT&T Floral Park location (along Jericho Tpke) was very pleasant. The agent that assisted me and my sister yesterday was Quashonda. She was friendly and helpful. She willingly answered all of our questions and concerns, and even gave us good advice on how we can save more money with our current plan.
Photo Courtesey of: TD Bank

TD Bank

Address: 110 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 616-5197 Visit the TD Bank Website View TD Bank on Google Latitude: 40.7391427 Longitude: -73.6997612

Did you know that TD Bank rates 2.9/5 based on 58 total ratings?

Reviews for TD Bank
Rekha Khiani Rekha Khiani 5/5 4 months ago Mr Joseph Aluzzo Teller He was wonderful polite and very efficient Very easy and quick service I give 5stars to mr Joseph Thanks for good service
Naseem Akhtar Naseem Akhtar 1/5 a year ago Worst, slowest customer service i have seen in my life. Unbelievably slow. For example taking care of 2 customers can take 2 to 3 hours. Can you believe that. Some staff need to be fired.and rehire Specifically a white old short hair lady. When she help seems like she is giving you huge favor otherwise she don’t want to even see you. Only the Indian staff is great humble polite n helpful .. ( because of this i start going back to TD Bank Great Neck . Amazing very professional customer service
Eric San José Eric San José 3/5 2 years ago Easy to see right off of Hillside Avenue servicing New Hyde Park and the adjoining areas of Nassau County. Plenty of parking and a wheelchair accessible entrance. Drive through available for easy servicing. Clean facilities. Public Restrooms. Personal loans and mortgages are available. We will most likely be going back.
Photo Courtesey of: Marrie Ferrel

Stop & Shop

Address: 653 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 616-9170 Visit the Stop & Shop Website View Stop & Shop on Google Latitude: 40.7414369 Longitude: -73.6987705

Did you know that Stop & Shop rates 4.3/5 based on 1942 total ratings?

Reviews for Stop & Shop
Terence O'Gara Terence O’Gara 3/5 a year ago I hate going to the supermarket but it’s always well stocked and organized.
Lady J Lady J 2/5 6 months ago Why can’t we scan bottle return vouchers on the self checkout? I love the scan it feature in this store, but there’s no way of scanning bottle vouchers like coupons? Looking to save time, having to go to customer service desk isn’t a time saver 😖. Edit 3/21/21 – Scan it devices not working AGAIN!! What’s the difference between Stop/Shop & Shoprite (10 minutes away with cheaper pricing)..? I can get a “scan it” device and get on my way much faster. Willing to pay more for the convenience, not willing to pay more for the same sh– , without it.
RACQUEL VASSELL RACQUEL VASSELL 1/5 a month ago I have been a customer for over 6 years and my gosh, service has steadily declined! The meat department smells foul and during my last meat purchase I had to return the products because the meat was bad after 2 days. When I brought the meat in the staff who processed the return complained how badly it smelled and she mentioned she only buys meat at Costco because the meat isn’t good there. Now says a lot! I use the pick up service only for each week to return items like fruits and vegetables because they are either spoil or are moldy. And many items are unavailable. It is so inconvenient. Defeats the purpose of the pick up service. And during my most recent return the Manager Fiona told me she would lie that I no longer wanted to use the pick up service because I complain. Why is she managing? And where is the good quality customer service? It is noteworthy that many of the cashiers are friendly and helpful otherwise I prefer elsewhere. It would benefit them to imitate local stores like Shop Rite and Whole Foods on product quality control and customer experience.
Photo Courtesey of: Crabtree’s Restaurant

Crabtree’s Restaurant

Address: 226 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, NY 11001, USA Main Phone: (516) 326-7769 Visit the Crabtree’s Restaurant Website View Crabtree’s Restaurant on Google Latitude: 40.7286713 Longitude: -73.7024686

Did you know that Crabtree’s Restaurant rates 4.6/5 based on 517 total ratings?

Reviews for Crabtree’s Restaurant
Keiko Viernes Keiko Viernes 5/5 2 weeks ago We celebrated our anniversary dinner. This is our second visit here. The first time was precovid. We dined outdoors and thankfully it was nice and cool. Appetizers are escargot and the grilled octopus. Both are delicate, tender and delicious. Entrees were the specials, blackened swordfish and the NY strip steak with onions and mushrooms. Dessert: Chocolate mousse cake. We cleared our plates and enjoyed a lovely red blend wine. Our guy is Melvin, professional, attentive and did not rush as with the rest of the staff. Told management we totally enjoyed our evening!
A Sal A Sal 5/5 3 weeks ago Visited for my 1st time at a bridal shower. it was a great expierence. The food was excellent & such a lovely atmosphere. The staff was wonderful. Hope to eat here again. I do recommend coming here👍
Debbie Brewer Debbie Brewer 5/5 5 months ago Let me start off by saying Demetri is truly one of a kind. He is a wonderful person. If anything is not right with your dining experience he will correct it. Which shows he truly cares for each and everyone of his customers. I can see why Crabtree’s restaurant is one of the finer restaurants in the area. The food and portions are excellent. The servers are attentive caring individuals that aim to please. I highly recommend Crabtree’s Restaurant for a special occasion or a nice quiet dinner. It is definitely my favorite restaurant !!!
Photo Courtesey of: Mavis Discount Tire

Mavis Discount Tire

Address: 2107 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 877-1966 Visit the Mavis Discount Tire Website View Mavis Discount Tire on Google Latitude: 40.7375533 Longitude: -73.6708643

Did you know that Mavis Discount Tire rates 4.3/5 based on 503 total ratings?

Reviews for Mavis Discount Tire
Sandra Berrezueta-Vasquez Sandra Berrezueta-Vasquez 5/5 in the last week I went to Mavis on Jericho, New Hyde Park today 15 min before they were closing to get my spare tire air and drop off my original tire to get patched. When I got there I was greeted by one of the mechanics and I asked to please put some air on my spare tire while I got the original tire from the trunk to drop off; well the mechanic put air on my spare and the asked if I knew why my tire was flat and I replied that I had no idea, keep in mind they are getting ready to leave to go home. It took him 5 min to fix my tire and put it back in my car. These guys went above and beyond to help me out today. Thank you so much! We need more guys like them.
A M A M 5/5 a month ago I’m very pleased with the service I received at this Mavis Tire Shop. I don’t take my car anywhere else after doing all the work on my car here. I would like to also thank the best mechanic I’ve gone to so far Damian for his great work and professionalism. The customer service is amazing and I will always keep going to this location. Any issues with the car I recommend you to bring your car here.
Amandeep Jassal Amandeep Jassal 1/5 in the last week SCAM ARTISTS!!! I have been going here every 6 months to swap my already mounted summer rims and tires with my winter tires. Make an appointment call to confirm what is being done, arrive early. This particular time I did the same thing however they didn’t move my vehicle for 3 hours. They took walk-in customers who didn’t have an appointment before pulling my vehicle in. They informed me I need new brakes, that is impossible as I had my brakes changed 8 months ago and barely drove. My mechanic just did an inspection, looked over my car and stated everything was fine. Then I go to pay my invoice, here is where it gets interesting. Since I do this every 6 months I know the cost. They tried to charge me 60% more than they charged me 6 months ago this year. When I asked for an explanation, they said well your wheels are larger and it requires more work. Considering the process is the same for ANY size tire I asked him what is the difference between a smaller tire and mine. There was no response. This used to be a very respectable location, however the recent changes in management make it, an unreliable, untrustworthy location. Find a tire company altogether
Photo Courtesey of: Donald S


Address: 1201 Jericho Turnpike, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 616-5343 Visit the Subway Website View Subway on Google Latitude: 40.7329806 Longitude: -73.6840597

Did you know that Subway rates 3.3/5 based on 50 total ratings?

Reviews for Subway
Linda Benitez Linda Benitez 1/5 a month ago I went in there one day and I had a coupon for half off footlong he tells me that it’s only for online but I told him that you can scan it. he was arguing wit me about it and also the BREAD IS ALWAYS OLD !!!! Dnt go there I was right he was wrong never going there again.. thank u
Aim Er er Devito Aim Er er Devito 5/5 a month ago Best sub I have every eat
Gurjit Singh Gurjit Singh 1/5 3 months ago Worst Subway… avoid… better stay Hungry…lol
Photo Courtesey of: I Never Was

Panera Bread

Address: 669 Hillside Avenue, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 358-3250 Visit the Panera Bread Website View Panera Bread on Google Latitude: 40.742273 Longitude: -73.69837

Did you know that Panera Bread rates 4.1/5 based on 684 total ratings?

Reviews for Panera Bread
Steve Sathue Steve Sathue 1/5 3 months ago Are you going for breakfast? Are you arriving before 9:30am? Bring your own bagels – there’s an excellent chance they’ll have no bagels available for you. Bring your own souffle – there’s an excellent chance they’ll have no souffles available for you. Be ready to settle for whatever coffee has not yet run out. Again. I hope find these tips helpful.
Anna Hunter Anna Hunter 1/5 a month ago If no stars was option that’s what I would give this location. The white staff is biased to people of other races. Hot speciality coffee are not available, machine not working “For breakfast service”. I watched the sandwich maker throw the bread etc all over the counter & oven. This location should be closed or new management is desperately needed. The food is not handled with cleanliness. What a horrid disaster.
Johnny Dylan Johnny Dylan 5/5 2 months ago Noce.people work there. Good food. My Daughter love it.
Photo Courtesey of: Chris Portlock

Hillside Public Library

Address: 155 Lakeville Rd, New Hyde Park, NY 11040, USA Main Phone: (516) 355-7850 Visit the Hillside Public Library Website View Hillside Public Library on Google Latitude: 40.7344602 Longitude: -73.6882201

Did you know that Hillside Public Library rates 3.7/5 based on 48 total ratings?

Reviews for Hillside Public Library
Peter T Peter T 5/5 a month ago I love this library it is great and the staff are aswome I love the library
Joe James Joe James 1/5 2 months ago This place is an example waste of tax payer $ which can be used on giving all toddlers a chance for head start in early education .All the staffs there are BUSY doing nothing , mostly on their computers doing nothing . WASTE of public $$
Jem George Jem George 3/5 2 years ago I’ve been coming here for years. Depending on my need, the library is worth both 5 stars and 1. If I come here to tutor a student or to just spend some time relaxing with my head in a book, or to even hang out with a friend, sure, it gets five stars. It’s pretty, comfortable, and the librarians are nice and helpful (as long as you don’t interact with the front circulation desk too much). They don’t really shush you (as stereotype dictates) nor is it stuffy and uncomfortable in there. If I come here to study however, the tables turn. The chatter of people at the “tutor tables”, the loud librarians (both when talking to each other and when talking to customers) and the children running about upstairs are overwhelming. I’ve sat down to study with headphones, but I can’t focus. Even through it, I can still hear all the chatter. I’m not someone that can study unless there’s absolute quiet either, so it’s an uphill battle for me. There was one spot that I loved to sit at, which is in between the adults “stories” and “non-fiction” sections. Unfortunately, it’s only a small singular table that gets filled up. Even the seat (in the corner right beside it) isn’t far away enough from the chatter to provide enough quiet to focus.
Photo Courtesey of: Buttercooky Bakery & Café

Buttercooky Bakery & Café

Address: 217 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, NY 11001, USA Main Phone: (516) 354-3831 Visit the Buttercooky Bakery & Café Website View Buttercooky Bakery & Café on Google Latitude: 40.7292781 Longitude: -73.7021486

Did you know that Buttercooky Bakery & Café rates 4.4/5 based on 2450 total ratings?

Reviews for Buttercooky Bakery & Café
StàÑ StàÑ 3/5 8 months ago A fabulous place for a sweet treat. Should for sure try Tress Leches the ultimate one. Staff pretty well trained and respectful. Been there multiple times it’s always welcoming. A thing that I personally didn’t like after spending a lot on the cakes is that the business adds 3% charge on the card for the total amount. If you have a such a big business you should just ask for a better service for the payments. Customers shouldn’t be charged for your business card payment acceptance charges.
Pete Pull Pete Pull 5/5 a month ago What can you say that hasn’t been said a thousand times about the best bakery on long Island. I ordered a Napoleon cake for my wife’s birthday. They decorated it with yellow and pink flowers and the happy birthday mommy was done in yellow and pink like intertwined amazing. It was absolutely delicious as it is all the time. The place was wrapped around with customers due to the storm coming but with their trained and great staff they moved the line very quickly.
Lilly Sampath Lilly Sampath 1/5 a month ago What I ask for I didn’t get for my baby girl 1st birthday. Put in an order since Thursday and the pick up was a Monday. My 4 year old could of done a better job. But thank God for one of the girl who works there made it really pretty…. the cake was so dry. I’m so disappointed. I always do my family’s cake here. But after this that’s it I’m done. NEVER AGAIN

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