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Bee Control Treatment

There is a high probability of an infestation if there is a notable presence of bees around your commercial residence or home. It is not recommended to take action yourself not unless you are experienced and certified. Despite their small size, their aggressive nature should not be underestimated especially when provoked. Bees only attack humans in defense. Therefore, avoid bees and their hives at all costs. If a presence of bees is noticed in the vicinity it is highly recommended to call a specialist like Majestic Pest Control immediately.

A swarm is a group of bees looking for a new place to build their home. The large group of bees may be resting or flying together in a swarm, on a tree, or in the open. Usually, a swarm has no interest in harming humans instead of finding a new home and are therefore harmless. Letting a swarm reside in your residence could lead to a permanent settlement of the swarm of bees. They often create their colony in the roof, on a tree, or in the eaves of the house. It is recommended to remove the swarm immediately before a colony has settled. The first step is identifying the type of bee being dealt with.

If a beehive is left unattended, it could be a great life-risk to people with bee venom allergies. Beehives can often be located in areas that are not easy to reach. If located in the attic, they make their way out through the fireplace and into the house when in search for food. At this point, it is recommended to hire a professional bee extermination company to locate the beehive and get rid of it so as to avoid the issue to happen again.

Bee extermination is when chemical is used to evacuate the bees from the beehive. This is a job tat should be done by specialists who understand bee behavior, have appropriate safety gear and the proper chemicals.

How We Eliminate Bees in Woodbury

Protecting your family from bees

Bees usually scavenge for pollen, and some such as the honey bee may travel miles searching for food. They also tend to go for sweet foods such as juice, soda, and fruit. Removing these foods from the premises of your home is one way of discouraging their presence. Ways of doing this could include avoiding open food containers in the open, regular cleaning of trash cans as regular taking out of the trash. Painting or treating all outdoor wood surfaces is an effective method of bee control for discouraging carpenter bees.

Bee & Wasp Removal Methods

There are various ways ranging from carpenter bee traps to beehive removal. A carpenter bee trap works by tricking the bees into getting trapped in an empty bottle by going through a hole in a piece of wood. The source of the problem is not addressed with the carpenter bee trap and is therefore not a reliable technique for bee control since only some bees will be trapped, but the infestation is not dealt with. Vacuuming or covering the hive with plastic to heat up the hive to unfavorable conditions for the bees are also other methods of bee removal. These methods could be ineffective as well as cause the bees to attack. Calling Majestic Pest Control or a beekeeper is the best solution and the most recommended. Professional bee hive removal reduces the chances of structural damage to the hive.

Woodbury Bee & Wasp Removal Benefits

While bees and wasps aren’t as dangerous to your home as some other insects they can still cause problems. 

We will use environmentally friendly pesticides where and when we can.

All of the products we use will be safe for your family and pets. 

Client satisfaction is always our number one priority and we won’t quit until you are completely satisfied.  We stand by our work. 

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