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Ant Control

Ants still remain one of the primary pests invading homes and ant control can be very difficult.  In order to eliminate the infestation, an understanding of ants and their behavior is paramount. 

One of the first things that the Majestic Pest Control team will do is to identify the species of ants that are invading your home.  With more than 700 different species of ant across the US, identification isn’t always easy.  We look at the size and origin of the ants along with when they are most active.  Do they come into your home during the day or at night?  We look for trails that can lead back to the nest.  The nest is also an important part of identifying the species of ants. 

Ants are very social creatures that live in complex colonies and each ant within the colony contributes to the well-being of the whole. Worker ants are sent out to look for food or materials to expand the colony.  It is the worker ants that have invaded your home in order to find food.  Sometimes they have picked your home to set up a nesting site and you have more than the occasional ant marching through your kitchen. 

Our team has the know-how and experience to deal with any type of infestation that may invade your home.  We will make sure to find the entrance point and eradicate the colony and make sure that your ant problem goes away for good.  

How We Eliminate Ants in Hicksville

Find the Entrance Point

The first thing our team will do is find the entrance point. Ant control starts with eliminating their access to your home.

Eliminate the Colony

Whether the colony is inside your home or on your property, it needs to be removed for successful ant control. 

Eradicate the Ants

Once we have found the entrance point and eliminated the colony, it is time to get rid of your ants from your home. 

Ant Facts

  • There are more than 12,000 different species of ants globally
  • Eliminating ants is difficult, most will return every year
  • Ants live in complex structures with a hierarchy
  • Ants are active all year round in warm climates but will become inactive in winter months in northern climates
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Hicksville Ant Control Benefits

While ants aren’t as dangerous to your home as some other insects they can still cause problems. 

We will use environmentally friendly pesticides where and when we can.

All of the products we use will be safe for your family and pets. 

Client satisfaction is always our number one priority and we won’t quit until you are completely satisfied.  We stand by our work. 

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